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Training & Development

What We Do

The Mid-Atlantic Predators provide individual and group instruction for hitting, pitching, fielding and catching fundamentals. Our high-quality staff has a wealth of instructional experience to get the most out of each player. Training and Development is done at our Indoor Facility in Southern Maryland and also in an outdoor setting at our various camps. We also offer strength and conditioning plus speed and agility training.

One-on-One Instruction

This individual and specialized training can be tailored for hitting, pitching, fielding or catching. We can use Rapsodo help players develop and grow as a player. This can help us tailor a development plan for each player. To schedule one-on-one instruction, or for more information, go to our Book Instructors tab to book a private lesson.

Group Instruction

Designed for 2-4 players, these sessions are an excellent way for a player to still obtain high-caliber instruction at a reduced price point. To schedule a group lesson, or for more information, contact Jason.

High School Age Players

Designed for players at the high school level, our players commit to our 12-month training program. Teams practice with another team at their age or one age up our down. This allows our coaches to execute practices in a college style format. Working all year and working in a college level environment is an excellent way for our players to prepare for the upcoming high school season and beyond. To join one of our high school age teams Contact Joe for more info

Camps and Clinics

Designed for players of all ages, our clinics will vary in time and length and will be run throughout the the year. At our clinics, player's skills are enhanced under the guidance of our qualified instruction staff or outside guest coaches/instructors in the areas of hitting, pitching, fielding and catching. Stay tuned for updates on Mid-Atlantic Baseball Clinics.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are offered to players at all ages with an emphasis on fundamentals while ensuring fun and competition is included. When weather doesn't cooperate for outdoor instruction we are able to move into our indoor facility to ensure the campers get all the training offered. Stay tuned for updates on Summer Baseball Camps.

Strength and Conditioning Training

Under the guidance of a certified trainer, these sessions run at various times throughout the Fall and Winter with participation limited to 8 to 12 players per group. The certified trainer focuses on proper technique and a high energy environment to ensure each player is making marked progress. Stay tuned for more information on Strength and Conditioning Training.

Speed and Agility Training

This program is designed to enhance the players overall running mechanics as it relates to speed and quickness. Speed is a significant contributor to a player's success. Because verifiable data is important to college coaches we use a laser timer on film to record your speed metrics. These training sessions focus on running techniques and stretching to improve overall speed and quickness. Stay tuned for more information on Speed and Agility Training.

College Coach Showcase

Each high school age Mid-Atlantic player will attend our annual college showcase. We invite college coaches from all levels, to include NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA to attend. Players outside of the Mid-Atlantic program are highly encouraged to attend. At the showcase each player will receive at least one written evaluation from a college baseball coach. These camps are run by our current and former college coaches as well as college baseball coaches to provide a unique opportunity for high school baseball players. Stay tuned for more information on College Coaches Camp.

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