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What is HitTrax? HitTrax is the first and only baseball/softball hitting, pitching, catching data capture and simulation system that provides the powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value. Using patent pending technology, HitTrax technology delivers innovation to baseball players, parents, and coaches by measuring and displaying real-time data in a manner that is bringing the baseball and softball industry to the next level.

HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more.

Patented technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful connection with instruction.

HitTrax accurately measures the speed and trajectory of the ball while calculating the realistic outcome while also measuring key performance metrics and generates reports based on a wide variety of criteria. These interactive reports can be immediately analyzed, printed, and emailed to players to keep them engaged and striving to get to the next level. With advanced tools such as the Baseline Assessment Report, players can also be quickly evaluated to illustrate progress and determine areas for improvement

How does HitTrax work? HitTrax tracks pitch location, point of pitch location, point of impact, and exit speed by building a digital rendering of the real world. This digital simulation then places info in real life situations, age appropriated fields to give you accurate feedback and ball flight and how a real life defense would react. An even more exciting feature is HitTrax also just partnered with the MLB to bring you the ability to play in every MLB ballpark!. Click HERE to check out a video of what HitTrax can do!

HitTrax Baseline Assessment Report

The B.A.R., or Baseline Assessment Report, is designed to give the player (and coach) a measurement of areas of strength, as well as areas that need improvement. 

Baseline Assessment Report Measures:

1. Repetitions (Off the Hitting Tee, Off of live pitching)

2. Average Ball Exit Velocity (Speed of Ball off the Bat in MPH)

3. Maximum Ball Exit Velocity

4. Average Distance (Ball Flight in Feet)

5. Maximum Distance

6. Average Launch Angle (Measures Average Trajectory of Ball Flight)

7. Batting Average (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)

8. Slugging Percentage (Against a simulated defense at your skill level)

9. Line Drive Percentage

10. Fly Ball Percentage

11. Ground Ball Percentage

12. Hard Hit Average (Percentage of Hits at 90-100% of your Maximum Ball Exit Velocity)

13. LDH (LD % plus Hard-Hit Average)

14. Percentage of Hits to Each Field (LF, CF, RF)

    HitTrax Hitting Leagues

    We will host hitting leagues for different age groups. Leagues will consist of 4 to 8 teams of 3 to 5 players each. Teams can compete against their opponents, and the top 2 teams in the league will compete for the Championship during the final week. Prize money for the first and second place finishers!

    HitTrax Tournaments

    We will host periodic One-Day HitTrax Tournaments where teams of 3-5 players can come in and compete in a tournament setting. Games will be 6 innings or 25 minutes, and teams will play against each other, with the top 2 teams competing for the Championship. Prize money for first and second place finishers!

    HitTrax Tunnel Rentals

    HitTrax Tunnel Rentals are a great way to enhance your workouts. Instead of just using the tunnel for tee work and batting practice, rent the HitTrax system to give you more real life and real time data to help you improve! You can create friendly competition between a few players. I think the name says it all.

    Home Run Derby

    I think the name says it all. The cool part is by making some age adjustments in the system for each player, your 10 year old can compete against their parents and be on an equal playing field!

    See what HitTrax can assess!

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