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College Placement

What We Do

The Mid-Atlantic Predators are leader in providing our players exceptional college placement services. Annually assisting in the placement of of our players into college baseball programs. Joe Willis has established an extensive network and has seen the recruiting process from multiple angles. Joe has helped two of his own children get recruited, he has helped many players within our program get recruited and as a college coach Joe has extensive connections and experience at college recruiting.

Showcase teams

We strive to field three to four showcase teams ranging from ages 14 to 18 based on numbers and talent. These teams will function in a 12-month program that includes local fall tournaments, winter workouts that include strength and conditioning, high school prep in the spring, and showcase tournaments in the summer.

Click here for info on our College Prep Teams

Player Profiles

Each Showcase player will have their own profile with verified measurable information and links to other recruiting profiles and video. Our coaching staff will use these profiles to share with our extensive network of college coaches.

One-on-One player/parent meeting

As the College Placement Advisor, Joe will work with parents and players directly and as needed to educate them and help them develop a 4 to 6-year plan to get recruited and manage college life after they are recruited. Joe and the other coaches will work directly with players to determine best fit for schools and level of play for each player.

Recruiting video

Our staff will work with players to create a professional video to be used for recruiting. Each video will have verified information with the players contact info. We use laser timers to show the verified times for home to first and in the 60. Rapsodo may be used for both hitting and pitching to document measurable information.

Recruiting showcase

All Mid-Atlantic Predators Showcase teams will attend our annual College Recruiting Showcase. We hold this event at Regency Stadium, home of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. This event is conducted as a pro-style workout and is also open to the public. We typically bring in 10 plus college coaches to participate based on availability. Coaches are on the field and interacting with players and providing input along the way.

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